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Where to eat & beach in Paros, Greece?

Updated: Feb 29

Paros is a terrific island for a three to five day vacation basking in the sun, swimming until your skin resembles a prune and consuming your fair share of the world’s most gorgeous orange juice.

1. Where to stay?

I stayed in the heart of Naoussa in a small, cute and affordable airbnb. I highly recommend something near by, especially if on a budget and not wanting to spend money on a resort-like hotel.

2. Where to have breakfast and coffee?

Almond in Paros: this is by far my favorite patio cafe / coffee bar — fantastic healthy menu with endless beverage items. The patio is a vibe in itself and the food is beautiful. Do yourself a favor, bring your book, order a coffee and take your time.

3. Where to have dinner?

Kapari Restaurant: true, fantastic Greek food. I could not recommend more. As a private chef I walked away from my table inspired and beyond excited to return to the kitchen and create something beautiful and fresh myself.

Mediterraneo: this is the best restaurant on the water front. For a night in which you’re seeking the sunset views, go here, enjoy the food, drink the French wine and compliment the chef. Him and his girlfriend are amazing and if you mention Chef Amanda DeLaura, he might even remember me ;)

4. Where to beach?

The greatest part of Paros is obviously the fact that it has more beaches than you’ll ever be able to visit. You can take the water taxis to many of them (about 10 to 20 minutes from the center of Naoussa) but my favorite two are by far Monastiri and Kolympethres.

Monastiri is gorgeous. The perfect beach to hire a bed and enjoy a long day in the sun. There are clean, nice bathrooms and a great restaurant to eat at.

Kolympethres is more of a “bring your own picnic” and lay on a big blanket kind of day — it’s gorgeous and surrounded by bright pools of clear water and smooth rocks with tons of gorgeous, young people.

5. What else to do on Paros?

While being in the water and laying in the sun is my favorite way to spend any day any time of year, my day spent in the middle of the island in the serene hill town of Lefkes was one of the most peaceful moments of the entire trip.

I highly recommend renting four wheelers, riding through the Byzantine ruins to the center of Lefkes, walking barefoot, and enjoying the site of grapes grown on the doors and the wild cats sunbathing amidst the streets. Sit in silence beneath the large church with a very large glass of fresh pressed orange juice and enjoy every moment of stillness and peace. It's the best orange juice you'll ever have.

With that, I’m wishing you many safe travels! Reach out with any questions you might have of your own at

With joy,

Amanda DeLaura

xoxo & bon appétit

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